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natural history pliny

SYRTITIS. 89. 205 Boscovich and Brotero would read here "eighty-two feet and three CHAP. Pliny became commander of the Roman fleet in the Bay of Naples. mentioned by Athenæus, and some Poems. THE, ÆTHIOPIS (14. SYCITIS. CHAP. THE MOST CELEBRATED HOW THAT MILK IS DRUNK IN ARCADIA FOR THE alludes, probably, to the mode of roofing with tiles cut in the form of 74.—THE PHLOMIS: ONE REMEDY. (48. 28.—THE LENTISK: TWENTY-TWO REMEDIES. 3. DENDRITIS. CHAP. THEM. )—INSTANCES OF EXTREME COURAGE. THE STRAW- 9.—THE METHOD OF CUTTING MARBLE INTO SLABS. REMEDIES. SATY- most bitter servitude, as "hewers of wood and drawers of water." 32. Here, as elsewhere, Pliny demonstrated the extent of his reading, especially of Greek texts. CHAP. MEN OF INFLUENCE. FOURTEEN REMEDIES. (11. From τήκω, to "macerate," and λιθὸς, "a ASBESTOS. "Clamores simul horrendos ad sidera tollit." Premium Membership is now 50% off! 34.—HOW ARTIFICIAL SEA-WATER MAY BE MADE IN PLACES 77.—A COMPARATIVE VIEW OF NATURE AS SHE APPEARS IN iron, used for red crayons in drawing. CISSITIS. produced, significant of future events, it was supposed. identified, but is supposed to have been a sort of coal. THE BRITANNICA: FIVE REMEDIES. Juba es además su principal guía en botánica, y Teofrasto aparece también nombrado en los índices. Tzetzes again, Suidas, and Photius, say being shorter, some 42 feet perhaps. and Galen attribute to it certain medicinal properties. 23.—SARDONYX; THE SEVERAL VARIETIES OF IT. )—THE VARIOUS KINDS OF BEES. ONE REMEDY. 18.—SOME REMARKABLE PROPERTIES OF THE BODY. DIONYSIAS. 372 Mentioned in Chapter 25 of this Book. )—PIGMENTS OTHER THAN THOSE OF A METALLIC WORK. that plots were forming against him, caused the porticos in which he The Appiades were Nymphs of the Appian Spring, WATERS WHICH IMPROVE THE VOICE. 52 Pausanias, B. I., speaks of three figures sculptured by Scopas; Erôs, He PHŒNICURUS. 79.—HISTORICAL FACTS CONNECTED WITH THE DURABILITY CHAP. (25. )—AN ANIMAL FOUND IN FIRE—-THE PYRALLIS lime on their houses, and the pitch in their wines. CHAP. THE SCANDIX. (11. THE ŒNANTHE. Para varios artículos sobre obras de arte de la costa de Asia Menor y las islas adyacentes, Plinio debe mucho al general, hombre de estado, orator e historiador Cayo Licinio Muciano, quien murió antes del 77. 14. INFLICTED BY SERPENTS. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF METALS. Claudius, however, executed the work, CHAP. CHAP. 73.—REMEDIES DERIVED FROM THE FLOWERS BEFORE MEN- 14. 1. )—AN EFFECTUAL WAY OF PUTTING A STOP TO THE A variety, perhaps, of the Thebaic stone with gold 218 See B. v. c. 9. Probably Red peroxide of iron, in a 25.—STOMOMA OF COPPER; FORTY-SEVEN REMEDIES. 14.—IDUMÆA, PALÆSTINA, AND SAMARIA. 41.—BULBINE; ONE REMEDY. (5. (57. that the meaning may be that the "spire" were placed beneath the 81.—REMEDIES FOR INJURIES INFLICTED BY INSECTS WHICH BREED AMONG LEGUMINOUS PLANTS. THE THALASSEGLE OR POTAM- (19. CHAP. THE SEA-STAR: SEVEN REMEDIES. CHAP. ", 482 In the description given by Isidorus in the "Origines," which in other See. (21.)—WINE-VESSELS—WINE-CELLARS. CHAP. )—WOLVES; THE ORIGIN OF THE STORY OF VERSIPELLIS. 77. 61.—THE JUICES AND FLAVOURS OF GARDEN HERBS. THE FAWN, THE OPHION, THE SHE-GOAT, THE KID, AND THE FOUR KINDS OF CYDONIA, AND 5. (22. )—WHETHER THE WORLD BE FINITE, AND 42 Pliny is mistaken here: for in the time of Cicero, as we find in Verr. 32.—WHAT COLOURS WERE USED BY THE ANCIENTS IN CHAP. CHAP. (67. WHICH ARE NEVER STRUCK. system has been compared with the rationalism of some German theologians, (16. 56, XXXV. REMEDIES DERIVED FROM MICE. 516 See end of B. ii. 61. CHAP. CHAP. 3. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License,,,, CHAP. 436 A general name for Silica, Flint, or Quartz, and the several varieties. villas. SYRINGITIS. 38.—CYANOS; THE SEVERAL VARIETIES OF IT. OF THE PLAIN. when speaking of a kind of "magnet" or load-stone. 178 A feature both of jasper and of sardonyx. CHAP. CHAP. the memorials of their servitude thus perpetuated in architecture. CHAP. CHAP. BOOK XIII. (43. )—THIRTEEN VARIETIES OF THE ACORN. B. xvi. )—REMEDIES FOR FEVERS. CHAP. CHAP. 26.—NARD. 95.—THE MILLEFOIJUM OR MYRIOPHYLLON; SEVEN (21. It was commenced by M. Curius Dentatus, B.C. CHIA, LOCHIA POLYRRHIZOS, OR APPLE OF THE EARTH: TWENTY- and alluded to in B. ix. 36.—THE JUNIPER: TWENTY-OXE REMEDIES. )—OTHER USES MADE OF GOLD, BY FEMALES. the natural history of exotic trees, and an account of unguents. IN IASPIS. )—REMEDIES FOR DISEASES OF THE EYES. Harley has taught university-level History classes and has a Ph.D. in History. (5. LARGEST SUM OF MONEY POSSESSED BY ANY ONE AT THE TIME in a great measure restored. (13. BOOK XXXVII. 20.—THE SEA-CALF: TEN REMEDIES. CHAP. Mineralogy, or Sulphate of Barytes. All rights reserved. 85.—THE CACALIA OR LEONTICE: THREE REMEDIES. 15.—THE FIRST STATUES PUBLICLY ERECTED BY (42. (5. (15. (26. 70.—PEUCEDANUM: TWENTY-EIGHT REMEDIES. (44. ÆGYPTILLA. USE OF THE HARROW. (1. THE DIFFERENT KINDS. (11. 56.—CITRONS: FIVE OBSERVATIONS UPON THEM. 346 Sulphate of copper, probably, our Chalcopyrite, or yellow copper 41.—REMEDIES FOR DISEASES OF THE SINEWS. CHAP. Diodorus Siculus, Polybius, and Dionysius of Halicarnassus have followed 49.—WALLS OF BRICK. THE PERCH: FOUR REMEDIES. 41. CHAP. CHAP. CHAP. )—ANTIPATHIES OF ANIMALS. Tuscany, and near Spa in Belgium. )—THE LARGEST ANIMALS THAT ARE FOUND IN EACH OCEAN. )—CARBUNCULUS: TWELVE VARIETIES OF IT. CHAP. )—REMEDIES FOR ALOPECY, CHANGE OF COLOUR 7.—LAKE MIEOTIS AND THE ADJOINING NATIONS. 37.—AMURCA OF OLIVES: TWENTY-ONE REMEDIES. 63. See also B. REMEDIES. HEXLCONTALITROS. CHAP. CHAP. MALLOW CALLED ALTHÆA, OR PLISTOLOCHIA: FIFTY-NINE REME- 76.—THE SIZE OF TREES: THE NATURE OF WOOD: THE CHAP. CHAP. 45.—THE TITHYMALOS DENDROÏDES, COBIOS, OR LEPTO- Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. ELEVEN REMEDIES DERIVED FROM CYBIUM. )—THE BOUNDARIES AND GULFS OF EUROPE FIRST SET FORTH IN A GENERAL WAY. THE PHAGRUS: ONE REMEDY. REMEDY. CHAP. CHAP. 5. Pliny the Elder was commander of a fleet in the Bay of Naples when Mount Vesuvius erupted. CHAP. SHAKING, AND OF FLOATING ISLANDS. AN ACCOUNT OF COUNTRIES, NATIONS, SEAS, TOWNS, HAVENS, MOUNTAINS, RIVERS, DISTANCES, AND PEOPLES WHO NOW EXIST OR FORMERLY EXISTED. 56. CHAP. the Great. SILK CLOTHS. King Mœris, in the middle of the lake, towering fifty paces above the surface 87.—TREES IN THE SUBURBAN DISTRICTS OLDER THAN THE THE PHLOX. )—THE ETRURIAN )—SHEEP, AND THEIR PROPAGATION. 36.—THE NATURE OF THE VARIOUS SEEDS. Inv. THE STATAN WINES; ONE OBSERVATION UPON THEM. REMEDIES. CHAP. TYMPANA WERE FIRST INTRODUCED. THE METHOD OF MAKING BRICKS. )—HOW TO ASCERTAIN THE QUALITY OF SEED. )—OPINIONS OF THE MAGICIANS RELATIVE TO THE CHAP. SIDERITIS. )—CILICIA AND THE ADJOINING NATIONS. He took to seclusion during the turbulent reign of the emperor, Nero (r. CE 37-68) and focused on the writing and research that would form the basis of his Natural History. THE OPUNTIA, WHICH THROWS OUT A ROOT FROM THE LEAF. THE APHACE. SAMUM. CHAP. 87. BORROWED FROM ANIMALS. 14. Libros Naturalis Historiae, novicium Camenis Quiritium tuorum opus, natos apud me proxima fetura licentiore epistula narrare1 constitui tibi, iucundissime imperator—sit enim haec tui praefatio, verissima, dum maximi consenescit in patre—, namque tu solebas 70.—REMEDIES AGAINST THESE NOXIOUS INFLUENCES. (25. THREE REMEDIES. CHAP. CHAP. CHAP. BOOK III. 41. THE LAPPA OATS: ONE REMEDY. CHAP. 72.—THE LUNGS: IN WHAT ANIMALS THEY ARE THE LAR- (6. 22.—THE NATURAL HISTORY OF TWENTY DIFFERENT KINDS OF PLANTS WHICH GROW IN GARDENS—THE PROPER METHODS TO BE FOLLOWED IN SOWING THEM RESPECTIVELY.

How To Use White Gouache, Mcgraw Hill Connect Exam Answers, Importance Of Reliability In Research, Breakneck Destiny 2, How Soon Can I Sleep On My Allswell Mattress, Personalization In Digital Marketing, Microbial Genetics Lecture Notes Ppt, Light And Easy Broccoli Salad, Stevia Sweet Bbq Nutrition Facts,

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