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how to cook polish sausage in beer

Added about a tablespoon of caraway seeds, a healthy squirt of honey and one of spicy mustard. It could also go well with dumplings or mashed potatoes. Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { Polish Sausage is great by itself, and it also pairs well with other options. is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to display: none !important; This will accommodate both the meat and the water you will add. At present, I am engaged to my long-time boyfriend, Paul, who’s very supportive of what I do. Hi all, I am Jeanette Schmidt. Whether in the pot or in the frying pan, you'll likely want to remove the contents to a deeper serving dish.  =  I used 1 lb turkey smoked sausage and 1 lb. Then, add enough liquid (water, beer, or stock) to cover them by about ¼ of an inch. My goal for this recipe is to teach you how to boil the sausage.  +  Easy and delicious! How To Make Yourself Hungry: 3 Simple Remedies To Increase Appetite, How To Reheat Your Baked Biscuits And Keep It Fresh, Bacon And Cheddar Chicken With Maple-Dijon Glaze. Ever wonder how many recipes you can make with the ingredients in your home? You also want to stay away from anything that's smoked because this will affect the final flavor of your meal. You do not want to overcook the meat during this phase. However, there is a single boiling method that is considered the traditionally accepted way of how to cook Polish Sausage. Once it boils, reduce the heat to simmer and let the sausages boil, covered, for about 10 minutes. If you're using beer, you'll need to be a little more attentive as beer tends to reduce as it cooks. Add another cup of water or two when water is almost dried out and repeat the process until water is almost dried out. Looking forward to the moment I can open up my own place and serve food that I can be proud of. Following fellow reviewer advice I browned the kielbasa doubled the beer added spicy mustard a bay leaf and onions and garlic. Why? Polish Sausage is an amazingly versatile type of meat to cook with, but it is essentially a cased meat. This would include the use of frying pan or pot. I used Rogue Oregon Golden Ale which is a nice medium hoppy pale ale. Once you've mastered that approach, you can revisit the recipe and try something more complex. Almost any type of frying pan will do as pork does not benefit in the same way as beef does from the use of specialty pans like cast iron pans. Browned the sausage fast on high in an iron skillet, threw it in the crockpot. It was delicious, very filling and great for the rainy evening. Kielbasa is a generic term for a European sausage that you can cook with beer and sauerkraut on the stove, or all day in a slow cooker. In terms of drink pairings, there's only one right answer in this instance, and it's beer. Time limit is exhausted. Required fields are marked *. Copyright 2018 by CuisineBank. Once you've done that, simply cover the pot and allow it to boil for 45 to 50 minutes. Add it on top of a rye bread slice and add horseradish toppings. It is usually eaten while it is cold, and that is why it is called dry. This polish sausage originated from Krakow and it is the most popular kielbasa out there because of its best quality and taste. Chew the World participates in the Amazon Affiliates program and may receive a small percentage of a sale at no extra cost to you when you click some links on our site, How To Reheat Tamales Even If You Burn Water When You Boil It, How To Soften And Restore Your White Sugar, How To Cook Your Roast Beef To Perfection, Top 68 Food Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now, 11 Amazing Substitutes For Ricotta Cheese That You’ll Love, Difference Between Malt O Meal And Cream Of Wheat, How Long Do Mushrooms Last In the Fridge. You should not do this! Your first concern is making sure that it's properly thawed. , Bison Pour beer into the cooker to cover sausages. Slow Cooker Tomato Tortellini Soup Recipe, Pressure Cooker Italian Sausages with Onions and Peppers.

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