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california community college wrestling rankings

2nd Place – Houston Scibek (Modesto) 3. 7. Fresno City finished with 11 medalists, 9 All-Americans including 4 Champions when all the dust settled. Once again, two wrestlers from one team got on the podium. Russell Rucklos, Lassen Devyn Kreb, Sierra 4. Ramiro Castillo, Fresno City 4. Round 3 Stefano McKinney (Cerritos) vs. Andres Gonzalez (Cerritos), 141 Cons. 8 Lassen 53.0 3. 174 Semifinal Jonathan Hunter (Bakersfield) vs. Devyn Kreb (Sierra), 184 Semifinal Joey Conroy (Palomar) vs. Jordan Annis (Bakersfield) 165 – Quarterfinal Augistine Garcia (Fresno City) vs. Drake DeLaCruz (Cerritos) 11 Santa Rosa 34.0 When it came down to it all, two wrestlers, one unranked at the weight and the other was an honorable mention at 141 before the postseason, met in the finals. 13180 Paramount Blvd. Quarterfinal – Stephen Martin (Skyline) 1-0 won by decision over Angel Verduzco (Cerritos) 1-1 (Dec 6-0) Juan Diaz Marquez, Skyline 6. 184 – Quarterfinal Jordan Annis (Bakersfield) vs. Russell Rucklos (Lassen) Round 3 Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra) vs. Lazaro Carrasco (Chabot) 141 – Quarterfinal Anthony Chavez (Fresno City) vs. Bradley Chirino (Mt SAC), 149 – Quarterfinal Adrian Gonzales (Bakersfield) vs. Greg Ewert (Santa Rosa) Armando Barcenos, Fresno City 7th Place – Andres Gonzalez (Cerritos) California Community College Rankings Share on Facebook. Louie Bravo, Fresno City Santa Ana College 18 – 11.5 – Chabot College 12 West Hills 33.5 Andy Voong, Rio Hondo West Hills College Dieuminse Dore – Lassen College 8. 5th Place – Darin Chick (San Joaquin Delta) 3. 141 Semifinal Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) vs. Anthony Chavez (Fresno City), 149 Semifinal Greg Ewert (Santa Rosa) vs. Chris Gaxiola (Fresno City) 1st Place – Kahlil Tucker (Rio Hondo) Jordan Annis, Bakersfield 4. 149 – Quarterfinal Daniel Ruiz (Fresno City) vs. Joe Kachmar (Sacramento City) East Los Angeles wrestlers Emmanuel Zepeda and Doroteo Lopez finished 5th and 7th respectively to get two medalists at this weight. American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los … 8th Place – Alex Thornburg (Sacramento City), Weight Class 174 lbs. 6th Place – Randy Arriaga (Cerritos) 2nd Place – Augustine Garcia (Fresno City) Add to Compare. Create a free website or blog at Rio Hondo College 197 – Quarterfinal Hamza Al Saudi (Cerritos) vs. Lazaro Carrasco (Chabot) 4. 7th Place – V`ante Moore (Cerritos) 7th Place – Keithen Estrada (Bakersfield) 133 – Quarterfinal Owen Jones (Santa Rosa) vs. Kahlil Tucker (Rio Hondo), 141 – Quarterfinal Raul Ortiz (Sacramento City) vs. Christian Espinoza (Rio Hondo) 2 – 137.0 – Cerritos College 184 – Quarterfinal Daniel Long (Fresno City) vs. Breck Jeffus (Cuesta), 197 – Quarterfinal Jack Kilner (Fresno City) vs. Jordan Monroe (Santa Rosa) In an unusual twist, the #2 ranked Josh McMillan of Fresno City, who finished 3rd in the North Region, met #1 ranked Larry Rodriguez of Cerritos in the quarters. 4. Get better at the sports you play and the life you lead at STACK. The CCCAA Board of Directors adopted its Contingency Plan, providing a return to intercollegiate athletics for the 2020-21 academic year. Kevin Hope , Mt. 157 – Quarterfinal Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) vs. Josh McMillan (Fresno City) Quarterfinal – Ricardo Gonzalez (Bakersfield) 2-0 won in tie breaker – 1 over Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra) 0-1 (TB-1 3-2), Weight Class 285 Santa Rosa JuniorCollege 1st Place – Daniel Ruiz (Fresno City) The colleges are spread over a wide range of geography, from mountains to coasts, and rural regions to big cities. Daniel Schoene, Bakersfield 8. Josh McMillon, Fresno City 3. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 133: 1st/2nd–Kahlil Tucker (Rio Hondo) vs. Houston Scibek (Modesto), (Dec 7-6) San Antonio 6. 3. Jacob Hansen, Moorpark Larry Rodriguez, Cerritos 5th Place – Andy Voong (Rio Hondo) The following is a list of some of the top community colleges in California based on graduation and transfer rates.Please note that the cost of attendance varies for those that are in-state residents and out of state residents. The California Community Colleges system consists of 116 colleges, with a large number of additional campus centers and classrooms throughout the state. 1. Individual and Team Rankings as of November 26, 2019, Weight Class 125 Wetzel Hill, Mt. Quarterfinal – Ramiro Castillo (Fresno City) 2-0 won by decision over Conner Diamond (Mt SAC) 1-1 (Dec 10-5) 6. 149 – Quarterfinal Logan Garcia (Lassen) vs. V`ante Moore (Cerritos), 157 – Quarterfinal Hunter LaRue (Sacramento City) vs. Doroteo Lopez (East Los Angeles) 3. Round 3 Patrick Slatic (West Hills) vs. Steven Karas (Sacramento City), 285 Cons. SAC 165 pounds: This weight saw another battle of #1 vs #2. 8. 3rd Place – Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra) Gabe Ballestros – Cerritos College 7. John Sosa, West Hills 3. 6. 11. William Schwertscharf, Modesto 7th Place – Melad Ayyoub (Mt SAC) 6th Place – Manny Curry (Sacramento City) 157 – Quarterfinal Ryan Ojeda (Sierra) vs. Gabriel DeHaro (Lassen), 165 – Quarterfinal Jacob Hansen (Moorpark) vs. Alex Thornburg (Sacramento City) 8. This Big Ten powerhouse has churned out several individual NCAA champions en route to an impressive 12 conference championships, five in the past decade, and three NCAA Tournament titles—in 2001, 2002 and 2007. California Community College Athletics – July 2020 . 197: 3rd/4th–Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra) vs. Ricardo Gonzalez (Bakersfield), (Fall 2:46) Kevin Hope , Mt. 8. 11 – 34.0 – Santa Rosa Jr. College 11 – 34.0 – Santa Rosa Jr. College

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